Sunday, November 18, 2007


I Thought It would be better after while. I really wanted to make these things work. What the hell do i do to deserve the shit that i have to take. If its not one thing its anohter and thats with everything: relationships, school, family. Nothing ever gets better. I never knew a person could be so stressed. I guess thats how it goes though. You know, the way life goes. You think something is right but it is the complete opposite. Damn..... but why does it hurt so bad. Man i never thought i would feel like this. There is so much more to discuss but i can't. The main lesson is that love hurts. I just can't let her go. WHY? How can i be with somebody that can't even talk to me but can talk to my bestfriend. But then again love still hurts. There is just nothing i can do to make things better so i have to stop trying. Love you Sasha!!! I hope things get better

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